May 212018

Just putting this out there. I have made a couple of Spotify Playlists that may interest a few people. A link is here The first one contains music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, that were more from popular music and stuff that just reminds me of growing up. It is 70s 80s 90s Music […]

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Jun 012017

Just thought I would post this for those that may happen to show up on my blog. My son has created a remix of a song for a contest on wavo and he could really use some votes if you are so inclined. We would appreciate it. Vote here I think it may be better than […]

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Apr 262017

Been a while since I had something to post about but over the past week I have found something of interest. I have FIOS through Verizon. I have been hearing complaints from my kids about the Wifi for a while but since I was using the generic router they give me and would not rent […]

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Feb 012016
Just received a new Dell Precision M6800 Laptop for work

All I can say is wow, I had a M6400 for about 6.5 years and it worked great, Intel Core 2 Duo with 16GB ram and a 600GB SSD and a 1TB HD it was a decent little beast, but when work says we are getting you a new laptop, who am I to complain. […]

Oct 162015

Ok, I am a couple of days late, but there is a good reason for that, both builds had issues installing. I guess I will start with Mobile, when they released it Gabe mentioned the only upgrade path was from Windows mobile 8.1, so I had to make a decision, wait the week for the […]

Sep 162015

Well, late on September 14th, Gabe Aul (a great person to follow on twitter) and his team released build 10536.1004 onto what is called the fast ring, for insiders, people beta testing Windows 10. It was a very lengthy process to upgrade since they needed to give us two builds before the 10536 build would get recognized as […]

Aug 052015

Ok, Windows 10 came out the 29th of July, and of course I had reserved it to get the free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and thought I could wait for my download until god knows whenever MS would get to it, but I have never been one to be patient. My laptop […]

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